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Joshua goes on his (second) date

If you’ll remember, his first date was with this super sweet girl, Austin, at his 100 day birthday.  He managed to get her into his bedroom on the first date.  The kid’s apparently got some game.

Joshua gives Austin his best jokes and she plays hard-to-get. 

Last week, we took dinner to our friends Clay and Alison to help out while she was recovering from knee surgery.  While there, Joshua started putting the moves on their daughter Katelyn.

 They meet.  They hug.  

Joshua looks to his Daddy for advice.  Katelyn looks to her Mommy for advice, too.

Joshua leans in and goes for it!

Katelyn rebuffs his advances and Joshua’s feelings get hurt.  Katelyn feels bad for hurting Joshua’s feelings.

Joshua goes for an eye-gouge as his way of saying “It’s not you.  It’s me.”

He attempts to put the moves on her once again.  What can I say?  He’s persistent.

His “moves” consist of the “Baby Steamroller.” We’ll have to work on this before he actually begins dating.  I’m pretty sure most girls won’t like being steamroller-ed.

Joshua leans in again for another kiss.  And misses.  Poor kid.  He was off his game that night.
And that, my friends, is the beginning of true love.  We had a great time talking with Clay and Alison, and Joshua loved meeting Katelyn.   We’re looking forward to getting these two together again. 

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Friday 16th of October 2009

LOL. Love this post. You have T-R-O-U-B-L-E on your hands =)


Sunday 4th of October 2009

I love it! All of it! They are adorable together. I read it over again a few times and laughed every time!


Sunday 4th of October 2009

This is just too stinking cute! That girl doesn't know what she's missing lol!

Katelyn's Aunt Christine

Sunday 4th of October 2009

Joshua is ADORABLE!!!

What you don't know is that after their "date", Katelyn called her Aunt Christine (me!) and told me all about this boy that she likes. She said that he thought he was slick with all of his "moves", but that she had some teaching to do. What's that noise I hear? Oh, it's Katelyn's daddy installing bars on her bedroom window! :)

Theta Mom

Sunday 4th of October 2009

A second date, what a stud! Adorable pictures! Just found your blog through SITS, you have such a cute blog! I read in your profile that you are a teacher. I taught 3rd-5th grades for ten years before I stayed at home with my kids. Very rewarding profession! Would love to follow if you follow as well! :)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.