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Ahhhh….sweet relief

As I sit here drinking my second Amstel Light and watching the UGA game, I can’t help but realize that I survived the week of hell. It is certainly not my first week of hell, and I’m quite certain it won’t be the last. But I made it. We made it. Joshua, Dan, and me.

Thursday was insane. Absolutely insane. I had twenty minutes (maybe) from the end of practice until the start of Open House. In that time, I had to speed to Wendy’s, eat, freshen up my makeup, and be ready for the first parents to arrive. I was running up the sidewalk to my classroom and there were parents on my porch. Meh…what can you do?

The only sort of uncomfortable moment during open house came when a parent gave my messy teacher desk the side-eye. Oh, and he asked me what my degree was in and where it was from. Two questions that I’ve never been asked before but felt oddly uncomfortable answering.

Joshua was sound asleep in our forty billion degree house by the time I got home. He was wearing a pair of short-y pajamas from Baby Gap and ohmygosh he looked so cute! Absolutely adorable, and somehow, not babylike. He looked almost like a little boy. He’s too little to start looking like a little boy. I’ll be keeping him in his sleep-n-plays and “stretchies” for as long as possible, thank you very much. I love snuggling my baby. Little boys are only snuggly when they want something. Like food or toys or a car.

Friday morning got off to a rough start. A really rough start. A we’re-running-30-minutes-behind kind of rough start. I didn’t get Joshua to daycare until ten ’til eight, which means I got stuck in horrible morning traffic. And my boobs were about to explode. Awesome.

I was frantic once I finally made it into the building and I had to get another teacher to get my class started so I could pump. Thankfully, she was completely willing to help me out. What’s even better, with my Medela PISA, I was finished pumping in 12 minutes. The day got better after that, even though I didn’t see Joshua again until he woke up to eat at 2:30 this morning.

Joshua went to practice with me this morning and he was AWESOME. I put him in the Moby and he took a couple of naps. One of the moms fed him a bottle. He played and rolled around on the towel I brought for him to sit on. He was great. But, it started getting way hotter out than we thought it would, so he and I came home early.

His newest thing when he’s tired is to get incredibly squirmy. Like, so squirmy I can’t hold him because I’ll drop him. He reached a point where he wouldn’t sit or roll around on his blanket, wouldn’t play in the exersaucer or jumperoo, didn’t want me to hold him, and didn’t want me to NOT hold him. So, I put him in the crib. And he PUT HIMSELF TO SLEEP, y’all. HOLY CRAP!

He slept for two freaking hours this afternoon. TWO HOURS. He hasn’t taken a two hour nap with me in MONTHS. So, like any good Domestic Engineer would do, I TOOK A FREAKING NAP. It was glorious. Absolutely heavenly. What a way to celebrate the end of my week of hell!

The only thing that would make this day perfect is if my Dawgs pull out a win against He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named.

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Monday 14th of September 2009

My son just turned 3 in August... enjoy every second! They grow SO fast! Stopping by from SITS!Happy Monday!

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