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Need help…send coffee

Joshua, while he has never been an exactly stellar night time sleeper thanks to the sent-straight-from-Hell acid reflux, has decided over the past few nights to be an even WORSE sleeper. The only thing that has made the past few nights bearable is the fact that at least when he does sleep at night, it’s in the bassinet and not in my arms in the recliner, which means that I can lay in the bed and snooze for 15 minutes or 50 minutes, depending on how long he decides to stay asleep.

But, I still have not had more than two hours of continuous sleep in the past three days. This is starting to make me a little, um, punchdrunk? loopy? insane? zombie-like? all of the above?

Joshua, however, seems relatively unphased by this sudden change in sleeping habits. Right now he is squawking happily away at his “best friend” AKA his reflection in the mirror on his activity mat and sucking his thumb.

Yes, my friends, we have a thumb-sucker. His new favorite thing is to suck his left thumb while his right hand grabs his right foot. Since Monday, any time this kid can reach his toes, his hand is on his foot. This includes diaper changes, bath time, play time, eating time, sitting in the Bumbo time. All the time. It’s cute, though.

Oh, and yesterday’s poop-splosion was uneventful. Thank GOD. It was the smelliest breastfed poop EVER (seriously…I thought they weren’t supposed to smell that bad until they started eating solids) but it all stayed nice and contained inside the diaper. Thank you, Pampers, for an excellent product.

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Wednesday 24th of June 2009

It's making you cranky, like a dragon with a toothache.

Love ya

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