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Promised Post #1

Reasons I Hate That I Had a C-Section:

1. It still occasionally hurts to sneeze and/or cough, three weeks later.
2. I still don’t have all the black sticky goo off of my stomach, three weeks later.
3. Your nerve endings have to actually REGROW after surgery and that hurts like I don’t know what.
4. It takes a week and a half (minimum!) to be able to get out of bed without wincing.
5. If you ever want to drive again, you can’t take the good drugs.
6. The scar, even if it’s super low and will be covered by a bathing suit, makes me sad.
7. I wasn’t able to sleep on my side for almost three weeks because I felt like my insides weren’t “anchored” into place and were hanging kind of loosely in my abdomen when I’d try to sleep.
8. I still occasionally feel like my insides are trying to exit my body via my navel.

My main reason for hating the C-section:

There is a FANTASTIC chance that any and all of my future pregnancies will end at or on a date predetermined by what is convenient for my doctor’s schedule.

That’s really what bothers me the most. I hate the fact that my future pregnancies will end without the spontaneity of this pregnancy. I hate that my child’s birthday will be dictated by my doctor’s schedule and not by when my child is ready to be born (however, if this child’s willingness to get out is any indication, I’m a really good incubator and children prefer to stay put…).

Anyway, that’s what bothers me most. I can handle the pain/recovery. I just don’t like that I’ve lost the spontaneity. Color me bitter.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.