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I think I’ve developed pregnancy-related carpel tunnel syndrome. Keep in mind I’m completely self-diagnosing here, but Google is making me pretty positive that this is what’s wrong with my fingers every morning.

Basically, when I wake up, my fingers are so stiff it hurts to move them. Also, I have trouble getting comfortable at night because my arms and hands go to sleep so easily. I have to sleep on my sides, and my left side is the only really comfortable side to sleep on until my hip starts to feel crushed into our supersoft mattress because of all the extra weight I’m carrying. That’s not such a cool feeling.

My fingers are so stiff it’s difficult to bend them. And I have NO grip at all!!

I’m watching for swelling because of pre-eclampsia risks in late pregnancy, and my fingers are a little puffy, but I think this is mostly from the sleeping. The pain is in my knuckles/finger joints.

It hurts. I really wish Aleve wasn’t on the No-No list.

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Sunday 1st of March 2009

I read every one of your posts, but hardly comment, so sorry! I'm a physical therapist and thought I could share some information. You're probably right about the carpal tunnel thing. Extra fluid in the 3rd tri can definitely put pressure on the nerves and blood vessels at your joints, especially the wrists. Just make sure when you're sleeping, you try to keep your wrists in a neutral position to prevent bending too far forward or back. These bent positions will put even more pressure on the area and cause tingling/numbness/grip weakness. Most likely, you have enough minimal swelling around the finger joints to cause stiffness, too. Just keep your fingers moving as best as possible, and it will all go away when baby is here! Good luck!

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