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It’s official. I’m an idiot.

In an attempt to NOT look like an unwed mother on the hospital tour last night, and because I wanted to, I put on my wedding rings last night. I was surprised by the ease with which these rings, sized down when I lost 30 pounds before the wedding (which I have since gained back twice over), slid over my knuckle and sat very nicely in place on my left hand. I was so surprised, in fact, that I forgot to take them off before I went to bed last night.

When I woke up this morning, I found that my ring finger had swollen up over night and my ring was being held firmly in place by said swelling. It was not pretty. (At the moment, pictures of how not pretty this was are being held hostage by my little red Samsung phone.)

I tried sticking my hand out the window this morning on the way to school in an attempt to shrink my fingers. All that did was make my hand really, really cold.

Then, I tried lotion. No dice.

Then, I got ice from the cafeteria and tried icing down my finger for about 20 minutes during my lunch period. Nada.

I tried cold water.

All of these just made my finger really angry looking. The swelling got so bad at one point that I could literally SEE my pulse in my finger.

I tried walking the dog outside without my coat on in our suddenly ridiculous cold weather thinking that the reason my finger wasn’t shrinking was because my core temperature was too high. That just made me all shivery and angry at the dog because she kept getting distracted by the wind while she was trying to find the *perfect* spot of grass to pee on.

I put a dab of Dawn dish soap on my ring finger and rubbed it all over the ring. Then, I added a little water to my hands to make the rings a little soapy. AHH! Progress. I started twisting the ring around and around and around and gradually moved it closer and closer to my knuckle each time. It hurt a bit, but the rings finally, HALLELUJAH, came off my finger.

Now the skin that is right above where the ring SHOULD be is all red and angry looking.

And, since I can’t post pictures of my swollen angry fingers, here are pictures of my swollen angry feet and the “neat” parlor trick DH discovered while giving me a foot massage one night.

(Yes, that indentation was made my DH’s finger being pressed into the swollen part of my foot. Isn’t my cankle lovely??)

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I’m, like, a groundhog or something

Saturday 3rd of March 2012

[...] sent me for an ultrasound to make sure I didn’t have a blood clot in my leg. There was that instance with the hospital tour and me not wanting to look like an unwed mother. Toward the end, the nurses were all taking bets on how long before I’d become pre-eclampsic. [...]


Sunday 25th of January 2009

Ouchie! Glad you got the ring off. I had to give up on the ring I normally wear on my right hand, but so far I'm still able to wear my wedding ring.

Can you put it on a chain and wear it around your neck?


Friday 16th of January 2009

Yay! I'm so glad to hear that you got your ring off. And, gosh, I remember the indents on my swollen feet when I was PG with DS. It is the most bizarre thing to me.

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