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That Time I Was on The Ellen Show with Kristen Bell

Hi. Hello. How are you? I am one million miles above the earth right now and orbiting The Great Beyond because Kristen Bell and I are practically BFFs.[note]A girl can dream.[/note][note]This entire experience was just freaking cool, okay? Let me have my moment.[/note]

Earlier this year, I attended the Mom 2.0 Summit, an annual conference I will likely never miss even if I only write on this blog 3 times a year. It’s my time to see my people. It’s my time to give back to and learn from the community that has given me a lot over the years in terms of confidence and opportunity.

It’s my time to do crazy things like volunteer to be in a segment for Kristen Bell’s #Momsplaining while having zero idea what will be asked of me or whether my tape will end up on the cutting room floor (Spoiler alert! It did not!) when a young and slightly out-of-place guy walks up to me and a group of friends and says “You all seem like fun. Do you guys know who Kristen Bell is?”

Um. Hi, young man. You are at a conference for moms which means children which probably means Frozen which definitely means sing-a-longs and knowing that Anna is the better, more fun sister whose songs are plucky and endearing but Elsa got the ballad and the sparkly dress so she’s more popular.

Yes. Yes, I know who Kristen Bell is TYVM.

And now she knows who I am too.[note]Kristen Bell has no idea who I am. Probably.[/note]

As evidence, I present to you, #Momsplaining with Kristen Bell: Mom 2.0 Summit.

You guys! That’s me! Doing a crazy thing like getting the technical names for HFM disease and chicken pox mixed up because I was two feet away from Veronica Mars! How did I mix those up? I have no idea. Also I did not take the shot of tequila because me + tequila = bad times and I couldn’t have that be the memory Kristen Bell has of me forever and ever.

(Sidenote: I’m not sure I have ever been more thankful for my StitchFix subscription and phenomenal hairstylist as I am in this exact moment.)

What got cut from the video? Kristen Bell handing me a megaphone and having me yell “Coxsackie” into it three times fast. (TBH, not sad about this being cut.)

Bonus: I have now been immortalized on film with BOTH HALVES of LoVe. See?

Meeting Logan Echolls aka Jason Dohring

Kristen Bell said my name on the Ellen Show during her Momsplaining segment.

I repeat.

I was on the Ellen Show with Kristen Bell. Sort of. I mean, there were a lot of other moms on the show too, but did Kristen Bell say their names?[note]I love you all, moms. Yes, you. And you too. And you over there in the corner with a three-day top knot and spit-up on your shoulder.[/note]

Guys. What is my life? It’s bonkers, is what it is, and it’s this way because of blogging. Because one day I just decided to open up Blogspot and go tap tap tap hello world is this thing on??

I have had chances to interview and sit with some incredible people for varying lengths of time, see some kickass movie magic happen before my very eyes, and experience some very, very cool things. Like that one day back in April on the lawn of the Langham when I put myself out there and took a chance on not taking myself too seriously.

I think Ellen would be proud of my spontaneity. Next time I’m in LA, maybe I’ll get the chance to meet her too.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.