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My Glass Is Full

When it comes to the old debate about whether the glass is half full or half empty, I’m the person who chimes in with something like “Does it matter? You have something to drink.”

I’m a realist and logic rules.

Filling My Cup

But if we’re going to get serious/frou-frou/inspirational for a minute, and we are, I have to say that right now at this point in my life, my glass is full.

(So is my plate–and my figure–but that’s at least three more discussions we can have later.)

What’s most full with me right now is my heart, and I realized that a little more completely last week.

My friend Erin asked me to guest appear on a new podcast she started with her friend Nikki (who is now my friend). The topic of their podcast is simple: What Fills Your Cup. A little inspirational, a little motivational, a lot fun, totally real, these two are on a mission to discuss all the ways life spills out for us every day and how we can find the wonderful in the imperfect.

I got off the chat with them and just felt whole and happy and warm inside.

While I talked to them about my new business venture with WineShop at Home and the work we’re doing at Postpartum Progress and Listen To Your Mother: Atlanta planning and loving my husband and my kids and our family and the constant shuffle and bustle of our lives right now, I realized this little life we have is pretty great, simply because it’s ours.

I’m happy. I’m thankful. My glass is full.

I thrive on having lots of projects to work on, and even though it’s a tough juggling act, and sometimes it’s absolutely insane, it’s MY insane. It’s all mine. And that fills my cup.

We talked about wine tasting, warrior moms, and about learning to find what you love and then going and doing it, and it was one of the most enjoyable hours of my month so far. There was no pretense. It was just an hour of real.

You can listen to the Glass Half Full podcast, and I hope you will. These ladies are bringing love and light to the airwaves by sharing their honesty and spirit with us.

Thanks to Nikki and Erin for having me. I can’t wait to fill another glass with you ladies sometime.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.