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Happy Wife

I was scrolling through Pinterest this morning when I came across a pin:

love your husband how he needs to be loved.

Curious as to what advice regurgitated from the 1950s would be dished, I clicked through to the blog from whence said pin came. It was as I expected. A list of things that make women and wives lower on the family totem pole than husbands instead of equals.

The premise was this: hand your husband this list of 100 items and ask him to highlight the top 10 that he needs you to do for him and order them in terms of importance. And then set about making your husband’s life awesome.

I suppose the idea is that in doing so you will inadvertently be making your own life awesome because your man is just so happy and taken care of that you’ll shoot glitter out of your ass. Maybe it will work, but I call bullshit if your husband isn’t spending as much of his time making your life awesome as you are his.

Why are there no lists directed at men about keeping their wives happy?

Marriage is a partnership, teamwork. Reciprocity, you know.

In case anyone was curious, keeping me happy is simple:

  • Stock the freezer with ice cream and the pantry with chocolate, just in case
  • Stock the fridge with wine, just in case
  • Put your underwear in the hamper instead of beside the hamper
  • Take me on dates so we can remember why we’re in this
  • Pitch in with dinner or the dishes when you’re home
  • Love me even when I’m feeling unlovable.

BONUS: I love it when you make the coffee because you’re better at it than I am anyway and you don’t even drink it.

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Monday 27th of April 2015

Exactly!! I will do anything for my husband, and I always try my best to make him happy. My list of things to make me happy is pretty short, and also includes socks!! ;) I hate Pinterest posts like that - I don't need to read a list of things to make him happy - I already know how to do that. It sounds more like a magazine article my grandmother would've read in the 50s. Like reinforcing these antiquated ideas - no thanks!

The Many Thoughts of a reader

Sunday 26th of April 2015

My list... take me to beaches on a yearly basis, monthly date nights, do the dishes without being asked, put your dishes in the dishwasher...

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