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Disney Side at Home Celebration: Calling All Characters!

Growing up I was a Disney kid. Sharing my love of Disney with my children has been a fun perk of parenting. When the opportunity to host a Disney Side at Home Celebration hit my inbox, I signed up, crossed my fingers, and waited. We were chosen.

Our party kit arrived and our evites were sent!

The mission was simple: Host a Disney-themed party and have some fun. Oh, okay then. Challenge accepted.

Let’s decorate:

disney side spinners

mickey mouse garland

The Mickey Mouse spinners were included in our party kit. They’re still adorning the play room. The Mickey and Minnie Mouse garland came from my friend Triana’s Rocky Mountain Mama Etsy shop.

She also sent some cupcake toppers but I decided not to use them because cute little cupcake papers were also included in the party pack.


After a reschedule because of sickness, party day was here. Kids dressed as their favorite characters for an afternoon of fun! (Warning: Lots of pictures of kids being cute.)


Captain America showed up to save the world. He was joined by his pal Ironman.


They spent time saving the world and eventually ended up in Radiator Springs.




Princess Tiana made an appearance, too.


Emma wasn’t really interested in dress-up, but she did want to go down the slide 500 times.


There was much saving the world, what with the Avengers on duty.


And then a little more swinging, sometimes even upside down.




Juice. Box. Hero.


Finally, it was time for cupcakes.




The kids had fun dressing up and running around, and the moms (and Dan) had a blast chatting about not kid things while the kids ran around. It was a blast to be able to share our Disney Side with our friends.

I found a TON of stickers, temporary tattoos, and pencils in the Dollar Spot at Target and JoAnn, and my plan was to have a tattoo station set up and deck the kids out and let them create pictures with the stickers, but then it was a BEAUTIFUL 72 degree day and the sunshine was just too gorgeous. So I sent it all home as favors instead.

(You’re welcome, friends, for all the stickers!)

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.