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Now is good

I have bits of blog posts written in all the parts of my brain that can possibly house such things at the moment, but the goal right now is to rest and sleep as much as I can whenever I can.  And sleep is lacking since Joshua’s had a stomach flu that has prevented my being able to sleep in or lay down when Emma takes her morning nap, so I’m keeping this post short and sweet.

Basically, I’ve successfully kept another human being alive (again) for two weeks. WOOT!

I’ve also managed to keep myself mostly showered and shaved, even. And I did not have a repeat of THIS experience. So hallelujah for that.

I’ve had my first sol0-parenting experience with the both of them and everyone came out unscathed.

I’m figuring out life as a mom of two and how to stay connected to Joshua while also tending to Emma’s needs and while there’s a learning curve involved, I feel like I’m a much faster study this time than last.

While there have certainly been a few rough moments, we’re navigating life as a family of four pretty well right now. In this moment.

Tomorrow may be a different story altogether. But right now? Right now is good.

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Tuesday 24th of April 2012

Yay you!

Also? Hilarious poo post. :)

The Many Thoughts of a Reader

Tuesday 24th of April 2012



Tuesday 24th of April 2012

you're SHAVING?? you ARE amazing. i can barely manage to do that with one kid, so if i had two i can't even imagine how long my leg hair would be, probably like a forest.

Mama Fisch

Tuesday 24th of April 2012

Isn't amazing when you have one, you think that it is the hardest thing in the world. Then, number two comes along and you realize you are capable, able and happily navigating being a parent to two kids? I actually think I have become a better mom since having my second!

Jess @ MomEinstein

Tuesday 24th of April 2012

Excellent. :-) Now go get that sleep you need. We'll be here when you get back.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.