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Operation Zipper Pouch

The internet? Does not suck more often than it sucks.

(Example: I’ve typed this post twice [suck] but this post gives you an opportunity to do something good for someone else with the internet [double not suck].)

Another example of the internet not sucking? It brought me my friends Jessica and Heather.

Jessica and Heather are the kind of girlfriends you want to be around because they are as inspiring and encouraging as they are beautiful. And while I’ve never gotten the opportunity to hug the faces of either of these women, they’ve been important parts of my life for several years now. So when Jessica emailed me last week to ask for help with a mission, it took me about .02 seconds to say “YES!”

(Okay…it took me overnight because of how busy last week was. Kind of beside the point.)

Heather is an active member of the Air Force Reserves. While Jessica and I were about to give birth to toddlers, Heather was sent on her first overseas deployment.

Jessica, in addition to being the mom to a nearly THREE year old (!!!) and rocking her day job, sells thirty-one gifts as a way to supplement her income.

Jessica’s thirty-one venture + Heather = Operation Zipper Pouch

Operation Zipper Pouch is a way to say “Thank You” to some of our troops currently serving overseas deployments.

Between now and December 21st, you can purchase a zipper pouch from thirty-one gifts in any print and personalize  the bag (or not) in any color and font you choose. I think you can even choose your own wording!

100% of the commission earned from the sale of these pouches will go toward buying items that will be used to make care packages for the recipients–chap stick, ink pens, notepads, small snacks, puzzle books–you name it. If it will fit and is on the list of items approved for shipment, that’s what Jessica will buy to put in these pouches. (And feel free to leave a comment with a suggested item if you have firsthand knowledge of what items would be of use to someone deployed, man or woman!)

When I asked Jessica what motivated her to do this, she replied, “I want our troops to feel appreciated even if it is just a small token.  They are putting their lives on the line, away from their families, and if this gift gives them a smile then it is totally worth the effort for me.”

A personalized zipper pouch is $22.16 (tax and shipping included) and a non-personalized zipper pouch is just $14.

You can shop Operation Zipper Pouch right now to purchase your gift. The pouches are expected to be delivered to their intended recipients in January, so not in time for Christmas, but the gift of thanks and gratitude is always on time.

The deployed members of Heather’s unit, the 45th Aerial Port Squadron which is part of the 349th Air Mobility Wing out of Travis AFB, CA, will be the recipients of these pouches. I’ll be giving you updates along the way of the progress of Operation Zipper Pouch as well as sharing with you any news we have once these gifts arrive at their final destination.

As if doing something nice for someone else isn’t incentive enough, Jessica is also giving away THREE prizes to THREE winners from those who purchase a pouch between now and December 21st via Operation Zipper Pouch.

One person will win an Organizing Utility Tote in Paparazzi Dot, one person will win a Cinch-top Thermal Tote (a brand new item to thirty-one!), and one person will win a $20 gift certificate to thirty-one gifts.


Jessica will choose the winners at the conclusion of Operation Zipper Pouch. I’ll announce them here, but she’ll contact the winners as well.

Again, 100% of the commission from the sale of these bags is going to the troops deployed overseas. Jessica is doing this NOT as part of an initiative of thirty-one gifts but because she wants to do something good for others and let you in on the doing good.

We hope you’ll join us in spreading a little cheer to these deserving men and women!

Let Operation Zipper Pouch BEGIN!


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Tuesday 13th of December 2011

Thank you SO much for your help with this Miranda - I can't wait to hug you in person this summer!!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.