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This one’s for you. And you, too.

Mother’s Day is always difficult for me to write about here* because I know the pain of those mothers who’ve wanted, wished, waited, hoped, and prayed for babies in their wombs. My PCOS diagnosis came about two weeks before Mother’s Day in 2008.

That Mother’s Day was shocking to me. The thought that this might be something I’d never experience was…heartbreaking.

I don’t remember if I cried that day, but I’m nearly certain I did. I know myself that much to know that I probably cried. For myself and for all the women I knew who were fighting battles like me, some harder than my own, but each battle personal and “the hardest battle ever” for each woman.

For those women waiting to become mothers, my heart is with you today. For you, I dwell in possibility.

Today is also difficult because, while I’ve not experienced a loss myself, through the powers of the internet, and many in real life, I know far too many women who have.

Too many women have loved and lost their children, some before those babies took their first breaths and some shortly after. My heart breaks for these women.

Today is for the mothers who have babies in Heaven. Babies who have touched more lives in their brief and fleeting moments than many of us can hope to reach in a lifetime.

Today is for them, too. May their memories be eternal.

Happy Mother’s Day.


*I have several posts planned for today, one of which will be own reflections of today. But I feel compelled to recognize these mothers and mothers-in-waiting, so I hope you’ll join me in celebrating them today.

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Thursday 12th of May 2011

I felt the same way. I didn't know what to write - it was a hard day for me though not for those kinds of really hard reasons - but I loved reading posts by the people who wrote about this. You did it with such caring.


Sunday 8th of May 2011

This is such a beautiful post. Thank you x


Sunday 8th of May 2011

amen to that x


Sunday 8th of May 2011

((((hugz)))) Thx Jamie


Sunday 8th of May 2011

Your posts are always thoughtful and perfectly relatable. Happy mothers day

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.