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The Dog Days are Over

Dog days are defined as “a time period or event that is very hot or stagnant, or marked by dull lack of progress.”

That’s kind of what the thick of PPD feels like. Stagnant. Dull. Lack of progress.

But you know? At some point, that feeling ends. And you realize you ARE making progress. Will there be setbacks? Probably. But that doesn’t mean you’re back to zero. It’s like the random hot day of 90+ degree temps we get here into October.

It’s not permanent. Tomorrow will be better.

In some ways, I’m glad we’re wrapping up the rally soon and in others? I’d keep going like this, letting women tell their stories, indefinitely. I think that’s what’s most important in terms of busting the stigma that surrounds mental illness.

The next-to-final post of the rally is a vlog from Kim.

Kim’s story is one of setbacks, but also of hope.

Kim is a warrior mom, a Boy Mom, and all around awesome. She also has Chuck Norris on speed dial. My heart and thoughts have been constantly with her for the past three weeks now. But so have Chuck’s, so she’s good. 🙂

She writes the blog All Work and No Play Makes Mommy Go Something Something and you can find her on Twitter.


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Sunday 29th of May 2011

Beautifully said! Thank you for getting this message out!

Hello Inspiration – Our True Selves | Farewell, Stranger

Sunday 29th of May 2011

[...] then Kim. She used her first vlog to participate in Miranda’s rally for mental health and telling her story in this way is [...]

Lara Boyce

Saturday 28th of May 2011

Thank you for sharing your words on this vlog. Makes me wish I had seen these things and read such great blogs when I was 4 and 5 weeks post-partum. If I could go back in time, I'd tell myself that it's okay to have these feelings, but you don't have to live with them. There is help out there. We need to all stick together and be warrior moms with each other!


Friday 27th of May 2011

I LOVED THIS! Kim! I love your voice! I love your face! I love your message!

Excellent post!


Thursday 26th of May 2011

I don't know what to say. I've started 3 times. I'm in tears, and I didn't expect to be. I guess I just want to say Thanks and You did good.

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