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I am a bad blogger–SMCS


Okay, y’all. This confession has been brewing for a while now.

I am a bad blogger. Because I have a really hard time commenting on all of the awesome blogs I read daily almost daily.

I read them, I do. I’m a super fast reader. Just ask the kid who asked me if I was ever considering being an auctioneer as I read through some directions yesterday. So I totally read them all. That’s the easy part.

But commenting on all these fantastic blogs I read is the hard part.

If I know that someone is on Twitter I will try to say “Hey, enjoyed the post about x, y, or z” like I did with Suzanne from Bebeh Blog yesterday with her post on man poops taking an eternity. But I am really bad at visiting the actual blog and commenting there.

I want to be a good blogger. I want to share the comment love with people. But I do not know how to make this happen in an easy and time-friendly manner.

If Google can figure out how to take over the e-Universe, how can they not figure out how to make commenting from Reader happen? (Get on that, Google people.)

Furthermore, I want to share the comment love with the people who comment here regularly. And I think I’ve tried to do that. But I know I’ve failed. And some of y’all are probably “That Miranda. She’s such a comment hog!”

I don’t want to be a hog of any kind. Unless it is an International Delight Skinny Caramel Macchiato creamer hog. I will keep that goodness all to myself.

How do you do it? How do you keep up? GIVE ME YOUR TIPS, PLEASE. The word kind. Not the money kind. Though I will almost never turn down money if you want to give me that, too. After all, I love shoes like any red-blooded woman.

Do you think I’m a big fat comment hog? If I’m not reading you and I should be, or if you think I’m not reading you and want to see if I am, tell me, please! I promise this will not hurt my feelings. Just a “Hey…read me you meanie pants!” will do.

Help make me better. Please.

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Tuesday 17th of May 2011

I asked someone once how they get so many GD comments all the time. Their answer? They spend hours commenting on other blogs. Well, I'm SOL then. Because I don't (and will never) have hours to comment.

I don't have a huge following on my blog. But I do have what I consider to be very loyal readers. I love them! But I work and I can't always spend time commenting. I read a TON of blogs. My reader is crazy. I'm like a blog hoarder. Is there a reality show for that? If I commented on all of them I would never have time to shower or spend time with my kids.

I also read blogs from my phone and like everyone has said above there is no easy way to do that. I try to remember to go back and comment but life gets going and before I know it they've written another 5 posts.

I wish every blogger I loved would comment on my blog. There are some that I comment on every single one of their posts and they have never commented on mine. I guess I just don't do it for them? Or maybe, they are just too busy to comment? I'm not sure.

Jess@Straight Talk

Monday 16th of May 2011

YES. THAT. If Google could make commenting from Reader better? That'd be so awesome. I'd love it. I love reading but feel guilty if I don't comment and just read. I promise I'm reading you friends!!!

No tips. Other than it's nice to have free time during the day sometimes...that helps.


Monday 16th of May 2011

First, you're not a comment hog.

I've been trying to figure out this "good blogger" thing for awhile. I know that about 1 in 10 of the visitors to my blog leave comments - it feels great to get comments (which is why I try to leave comments on any blog post I read), and I really try to be good about it.

Part of what allows me to do what I do is because I sit at a desk, often on teleconferences that I only need to be present for 1/4 of. That's great "read blogs & comment" time. The problem is that certain writers make me think (I have absolutely no idea who I'm talking about here, no idea what-so-ever). A blog post will come out & I know, in order to properly comment, I need to sit back and formulate the right comment, actually taking the time to edit what I'm thinking. Because delivering the gift of thought to your readers is among the best gifts you can give (I maintain that an erotic fiction writer delivering the gift of masturbation is a better gift). Of course, when that happens, I'll think through the comment, and then

Ooh, shiny.

So, I feel like a putz.

Chime in every now & then on blogs you frequent, just remind the author that you're there (seriously, think about how good it feels to get a good comment, and realize that you're delivering). And if Google Reader could allow them? That would make things even better.


Monday 16th of May 2011

I am also easily distracted by shiny things on the internet. It's pretty awful, actually.

It's way easier for me to comment on the weekends and during breaks. During the work day there is so much stuff that must be done!


Sunday 15th of May 2011

When I am drowning, I hit up my favs most definitely. Then the rest I can skim through. But I definitely hithe people who have been super supportive of my blog. AlwaysThey get my attention first. And yes I do sometimes turn my shoulder on bloggers who never return the comment love. It's only fair right?


Sunday 15th of May 2011

This is pretty much my sentiment, too. When bloggers do not visit or comment back, ever, I stop trying. But I always read those who are my favs.

Grace @ Arms Wide Open

Sunday 15th of May 2011

i say "eh." we do what we can! comment when you can! anyone who thinks you're a meanie pants IS a meanie pants. Amen.


Sunday 15th of May 2011


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