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The definition of my life right now.

fe·ral adj ˈfir-əl, ˈfer-; ˈfe-rəl

Definition of FERAL

1 : of, relating to, or suggestive of a wild beast
2 a: not domesticated or cultivated :wildb: having escaped from domestication and become wild

Not domesticated. Or un-domesticated. As in, once I felt like maybe I had this whole domestic goddess (or at least demi-goddess) thing down and now I feel like I am a mere mortal once again.

People, my laundry is growing exponentially by the day. Clean laundry. I have clean laundry bunny rabbits mating and reproducing at the speed of light in my house. Want to know why I’m complaining?

Because the laundry, while clean, is spilling over, unfolded, from baskets and heaps and mounds.

Because there simply is not enough time in the day for me to do everything I both need and want to do and make it out alive.

I am becoming feral. Wild. Beast-like.

Last week I had a near meltdown because of Joshua’s picky eating.  Yesterday I had a near meltdown because my pants didn’t fit so I wore my dirty jeans because they are my new favorite pair and they didn’t make me feel like I wanted to choke a kitten.


Okay, so far, so good today, but people, we’re not looking good here if my track record is any indication of how things will go.

Getting up in the morning feels like punishment because my bed is so comforting. The rest of the world feels mean and thorny. There is stuff I must do if I get out of bed. If I just stay there, I can shut my eyes to it all and pretend there’s not a crazy jungle growing up around me.


It sucks to know that if I go to the gym in the afternoons, I limit the time I have left to do stuff once I get home. But it sucks to know that if I DON’T go to the gym, I will be cursed to a life of kitten choking due to ill-fitting pants.

I mean, what’s a girl to do? Save the kittens or do the laundry? Kittens are cute. And fluffy.

(And then they grow up into cats who piss on couches but we just won’t go there right now lest I have another meltdown over the cost of replacing the replacement cushions on my couch because the ones bought the first time have already gone flat.)

And let’s toss into this mix the fact that my child loves to be outside. And the days are getting nicer and longer and I want to be outside with him making some Vitamin D. But if he and I are outside kicking a ball or sidewalk chalking, I’m not inside prepping dinner or doing laundry. And getting him to go inside and then come back out and then go inside and come back out? Oh no.

Epic Toddler Meltdown of Epicness, people. (ZOMG. Epic. And not even remotely in a good way.)

And let’s also toss in the fact that gas? Is freaking expensive. And my husband does not work near-ish to our daycare at all  and is, in fact, in the complete opposite direction from the daycare. And we specifically chose a daycare within close proximity to my school because my schedule, while tight, is still more flexible than his. So having him drop off and/or pick up the toddler isn’t really a viable all-the-time option. (And I don’t really love the thought of my child staying in daycare for 11 hours a day all the time every day just so Mama can get her elliping [and sleep] on.)

So, working moms, I need some wisdom. Because it seems like just as soon as I get this all figured out, I am back at square one and figuring it all out again.


(Oh, and go enter my birthday giveaway, please and thank you. I love giving you stuff for my birthday.)

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Friday 18th of March 2011

At one point in my life you could eat off of my floors, that's when you were 2 and there was no one but you and I. NOW!!! OMG! I don't have time to breathe, but you know what? Until I get completely fed up with things I just come in from my first job and go straight to my second job, because in the long will be waiting on me when it's all said and done (unless some fairy or Genie comes by and blinks her eyes or waves her Life is way to short to stress over a cluttered house. There is a difference in filthy and clutter!


Friday 18th of March 2011

That's where I am right now. Fed up with the bedroom. I'm just to the point where I cannot wrap my head around the mess anymore, but I'm helpless to do anything about it. Until this weekend when I WILL do something about it.

And send that fairy to my house when you ever find her.


Thursday 17th of March 2011

Laundry starts here Friday night, continues into Saturday, and by Sunday it's all folded and put away. However, it is a process because Friday you get home and are so tired all you can do is throw in a load and switch it to dryer - no more than that. Saturday sees some more loads done and maybe the one from Friday folded and put away. Sunday after church, Michael and I rock the rest and double team it to get it to its proper place.

And you know what, that's okay. Because laundry isn't as important as my job or my family. It gets done, eventually ;-)

When it comes to the workout schedule, I would only do one day during the week and then Sat. or Sun. Two days a week of exercise on top of eating right is all that was needed to lose 50 pounds - when I did the WW thing.

Good luck girlie! ((hugz))


Friday 18th of March 2011

That's what I used to do, too, Jamie. Start on Saturday morning and finish on Sunday. Last weekend, I was gone for most of Saturday and Sunday was my birthday so I took the day off-ish. But I was behind long before that.

And you're right. Laundry isn't as important as my family or my job.

I'm trying to go twice a week during the week. Three times if I can. I know I don't have the motivation to go on the weekends, and this weekend will be spent in party-prep mode.


Thursday 17th of March 2011

I got nothing.

I haz fat.

That is what suffers for me.

And now that Cort is working too? I am in all out anxiety mode about the state of this house.


Friday 18th of March 2011

That's where I am with the mess. I snapped at Dan this morning because of the mess. I don't like snapping at him. It makes me all unhappy.

This weekend. Without fail. Come hell or high water, that bedroom is getting clean.



Thursday 17th of March 2011

this is the reason, though i just dropped a CRAP TON of money on an mba, I'm dragging my butt on finding a full-time job. b/c i will surely be on the highest dose of lexapro once my anxiety gets a load of what i'm doing. i feel for you--you have no idea--being in school with these two babes beat me down and added at least a pound nearly every day. i wish i had some good advice for you. my mom just tells me 'something's got to give' but what do you do when there's nothing else?

this comment was no help at all.


Thursday 17th of March 2011

::throws up hands in defeat:: No wisdom here, momma.

We're struggling with the same thing - Harry wants to be outside, I have stuff to do inside, & there's just not enough time to do both. I am trying SO HARD to be outside with him for an hour when we get home, put him to bed, THEN tackle dinner & straightening up & laundry until 8pm. At 8pm, I sit down to either blog or watch television for an hour with my husband.

It's tough. There's just never enough time.


Thursday 17th of March 2011

Joshua LOOOOOOVVVEEESSSS the outside. We pull into the neighborhood and he's screaming for the chalk! If our laundry room weren't on the other side of his bedroom wall, I could do laundry after he's asleep at night, which would solve some of the problem.


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