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Firsts never stop happening


I’m on break this week and it’s been fantastic. I took Joshua to daycare yesterday so I could get a few things done around the house and then today I kept him home with me so I could snuggle and love on him.

This morning? I experienced a first of motherhood.

Joshua pooped.

(That’s totally not the first, y’all. I’m not a total newb.)

He pooped and before I knew it, he came toddling across the room toward me with his hands in the air and a look on his face that was both horror and disgust.

Yes. Yes, my friends. He’d stuck his hand down his diaper.  Down the BACK of his diaper. And there was poop smeared all over his hand. And he decided yesterday that blueberries are cool and delicious and has been eating them for two days and as a result the poop was green.

So I did what any self-respecting mother does.

I got a little skeeved out.

And I hoisted him up by his arm pits. High. HIGH ABOVE the level of my head and, while he was still lifted over my head, stepped OVER the baby gate to the hall way and went into his room. Where I proceeded to crack open the baby wipes container with my elbow and squirm the two of us and the container of wipes down into the floor where I was able to use said wipes to clean up the mess.

He was relatively unscathed by this event.

I, however, felt the need to share this triumph milestone with everyone I know Twitter and Facebook.

So, yeah.


And then? We were driving to the mall to meet up with a friend for the morning and I heard Joshua say “Go gogs!”

And I said “That’s right, honey! Go Dogs!”

And then I saw that he was looking at a billboard. A billboard with a dog on it advertising a grooming salon that’s just opened up.

And from the backseat I hear “Foof foof!!” And I said “That’s right, baby! Dogs say woof woof!”

And from the back seat I hear “Annie.”

And I said “Awww, Annie.”

People. My child makes connections. He knows that we say “Go dogs!” and he knows that dogs say “Woof” and he knows that Annie is our dog.

In that moment I forgot about the poop from the morning. I forgot about the blueberry that had been crushed into my yellow couch. I forgot about the crayon marks that made their way to his wooden clock. I forgot about everything except the fact that I have a wonderfully smart, beautiful, amazing toddler.

I am the mom of a toddler who is growing and learning and HOLY SHIT I DID THAT.

I did that, y’all.  Along with my team of experts (i.e. Dan. And the teachers at daycare.)

We. Did. That.

And that moment? That realization that my child is aware of the world around him in a positive way? That’s a first I want to remember.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.