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Top Ten Tuesday–Resolutions I’ll actually keep

I already brought y’all my official resolutions for this year earlier this week. (Sunday, right? Yes. Sunday.  I can’t keep them straight since I’m back at work now and my brain is all mushy and things are running together.)

Anyway, I knew that Katie had today’s Top Ten up her sleeve–To Do’s for 2011–so I decided I’d bring you the list of things at which I will most likely not fail. 

10.  I will watch too much television.  I love television. It’s something I do to relax and escape.  In fact, I have enough episodes of The Closer Tivo’ed that I could have myself a mini-marathon one night this week.  And maybe I will.

9.  I will read books.  Lots of them. If I love television, then I super pink puffy heart with clouds and sparkles on top love books.  Currently? I’m reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  Next up will likely be The Dante Club.

8.  I will go to the gym. At least once.  So I went inside the gym yesterday.  Can I cross this off my list yet?  No?  Bah. Okay.  I’m going this afternoon.  Then I can mark this off my list.  (And keep going, of course…)

7.  I will procrastinate.  It’s just what I do.

6.  I will complain about things.  I know.  I probably just became one of those people you hate.  But here’s the thing.  Sometimes I complain just because things suck.  And sometimes I complain because I want to make changes and get things done.  Maybe my resolution should be…

5.  I will drink wine. I just will.  And maybe, just maybe, I’ll get to go to wine school this year. (Not whine school, people.  See #6. I’m in no need of anyone to teach me how to whine.) 

4.  I will remember to bathe everyday.  I hope.

3.  I will be less sarcastic in front of my toddler.  Or one day this will come back to bite me in the assets.  For example, the other morning we were driving to school and Joshua threw his Magnadoodle into the floorboard.  I picked it up and gave it back to him.  He threw it again.  So I said “Oh, sure, you can throw your Magnadoodle” in a pretty sarcastic tone.  One day? He’s going to throw the Magnadoodle AT MY HEAD and say “But Mama…you said I could!” and it’ll all be one big “misunderstanding,” right, Middle Of Mommyhood?

2.  I will make it a point to get outside with Joshua this summer.  I’ve got some time yet to work on this one, but I really regret not getting outdoors with him a little more last summer when we were home together.  (Granted, it was a billion degrees out…) I might hate being out there, but he loves it.  So I’ll do it.  For him.

1.  I will make more time for my husband.  This includes listening to him when he talks about bread for three days straight and indulging him when he wants to watch reality tv and I want to watch something more highbrow like One Tree Hill.  I will drink tea with him and be with him, in the moment.

Honorable Mention:

I will not lose my mind with the million and five hats I wear.  We’ll see how this one goes.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.