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Yay! A Meme! You’re linking up, RIGHT?

With any luck you’re reading this and I’m snoozing blissfully, warm in my bed, as my penance for getting up with Joshua yesterday morning AT 5:00 a.m. and letting Dan sleep.  So, that’s the start of my Super Sunday.  I hope.

(***Update since I wrote this post last night and scheduled it for this morning–he totally let me sleep in. And he built a fire. AND he just made a Starbucks run for a venti with caramel syrup and cream. And cinnamon swirl cake. Love. Him.)

Not Super...Just Mom

I really should make this a Super Weekend post, since that’s what yesterday was.  I got to do a little shopping and then I got to go have coffee with a friend and her adorable little chunker of a 4 month old.  He drooled all over me and smiled and babbled away and my uterus let out a great heaving sigh of contentment. At least for a little while.  I got in a baby fix.

(I will say that Daylight Savings Time? Still in full force around here. Joshua’s penchant for waking up twice a night + DST + a double ear infection means we were running a full two hours ahead of schedule ALL. DAY. yesterday. It was kind of a nightmare.)

Anyway, the plan for today that will make my Sunday Super?

Korean food.

If you haven’t noticed, my husband is kind of Asian.  So today? Today we’re going to an Asian market to get our Korean food fix.  I am in need of some Bibimbap (Bee beeeem bap, like pahp). Dan wants to get some Samsun Jajangmyun (sam sun ja jang myoon).  I just wish Joshua would eat rice. Or anything besides peanut butter and cheese.

Oooh, maybe I’ll get some cucumber kimchi.

The Korean market is always a good time.  There’s great people watching. I’m the only white person there.  And there’s lots of neat foods.

I do need to get some new chop sticks…

Poor, confused, 1/4 Asian baby.

I’m also supposed to meet my good friend D at the mall. She’s got to buy shoes for her little toddler (OMG! G’s a TODDLER!) and I’ve got a $50 Groupon to the Gap.  So, WIN.

Then?  Oh, then there’s a new episode of Dexter.  ::swoon::

I think it’s going to be a great Sunday.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.