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I should call this Super Week-Super Sunday

Yay! Another week.  We’re all here.  Let’s celebrate.  Or something less “AAAAHHHH” and in your face for a Sunday morning.  (This is totally fake cheer, btw.  If I had my way, I’d be nestled warm and snug under the covers. Winter has descended on the great state of GA and it’s cold.  Instead, I’m awake and the child is running like a heathen through the living room taunting the dog with a tiny plastic ball.)

Not Super...Just Mom

I was home this week with Joshua thanks to a break from school.  Monday was kind of a rough day.  He was out of sorts, I was getting to know him all over again.  It was awkward and there was much weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth.  We hit our stride on Tuesday morning and had a fantastic week together after that.

My Super day this week is a toss-up between Friday and yesterday.  Friday morning, I was kind of bummed that Dan had to work, which meant that I had to take Joshua with me to do my Black Friday shopping.  (No, not at 4 a.m. I am not crazy.)  Joshua slept until 8:00 and when I heard him stirring on the monitor, I got up, put on some clothes, got him dressed, and we hit Target and Old Navy before coming home for a nap.  When we got up from our naps, we hit another Target and then went to TJ Maxx.  It was a really smooth day full of shopping and spending time with my little guy.  I refused to let myself get flustered by his protests about being in the shopping cart. He eventually gave up the protests and rode around wearing his monster hat and getting compliments from other shoppers about how awesome his hat was.

Yesterday, we got up and spent the morning cleaning and watching TV and getting ready for a visit from my parents.  I was incredibly bummed to not get to see them on Thursday, so Mama said they’d drive down and visit with us for the day. We had a great day.  I cooked.  We ate. Joshua and my niece played together.  My dad napped on the loveseat. And then we went for milkshakes.  It was a great afternoon of togetherness.

And my mom loves her grandbabies.

“Nana! GABBA!!”

Today, I think I’m going to shoot for a Trifecta.  Friday was great, yesterday was awesome. Today? I just want it to be a great day.  So, I’m going to try and make it great no matter what comes up.  Today, I will try to be patient with Dan and Joshua.  I will try to look for the positive in each situation which arises.  I will take a nap.  I will not think about the fact that I have to go back to work tomorrow and I’m really not looking forward to it.  Maybe I’ll dig out my Christmas decorations and put some stockings up.  Perhaps I’ll craft a little bit (after cleaning the sewing table).  Whatever it is that I decide to do, I’m going to breathe. 

Remember, the purpose of Super Sunday is to pick ONE DAY each week that you try to make the day you want to have.  Hopefully, a Super one.  Duh.  (Because it just wouldn’t make sense if you set out to make yourself have an awful day.  I mean, those happen naturally, right?)

Maybe you already wrote about having an awesome Thanksgiving day despite the fact that you had to break bread with crazy Aunt Ethel who insists that her cat sit on the table and eat dinner with the family.  Or maybe you got stuck sitting next to the uncle with the nose whistle that you could hear over the sound of your own crunching.

Maybe you just need to take a day to focus on making your day what you want it to be.

If so, LINK IT UP, YO. I want to see your great days!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.