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Welcome to the Hellmonth–“Organized Compassionate Diva”

I totally plan to use this icon all month. Just so you know.

Alright, y’all. Hellmonth is in full swing. As you read this, I am either discussing patriotism or, well, patriotism with my students (oddly, the lessons for both 9th and 11th deal with patriotism right now…) or I’m at a marching exhibition (where band nerds go to Heaven? IDK.) or I’ve fallen into the bed, exhausted and completely useless.

Welcome to my life.

Today’s guest blogger is one that I’m super pumped to have, though I should’ve tidied up a bit first.  I mean, uh, y’all pay no attention to the haphazardly strewn shoes and books. And, um, I should probably make sure the dirty laundry makes it INTO the hamper, right?? 

LCW from Waking Up Williams is here with us today! Y’all say “Hi!”

(Y’all, she’s a super clean lover. I am not super clean. It’s a hazard of being a Not Super Mom.  That must make her a Super Mom.  I’m almost positive she’s hiding a cape somewhere. And maybe a tiara, too.)

Lindsey and her husband, JPW, are frequent flyers on Twitter and JPW is on a mission.

They were Team Green and have a sweet baby girl, Ryann, who just turned 1 last month!

Enjoy Lindsey’s tale of being an “Organized Compassionate Diva.”

Miranda said I could write about anything, and while I was laughing about my husband poking fun at me, I totally knew what I would write about for this guest post.  My OCD.  That’s right, as if you don’t hear enough of it on my blog, you can read it here too.  I’d like to think it means Organized Compassionate Diva, but sadly it means I HAVE A MAJOR PROBLEM WITH CLEANING AND ORGANIZING AND PLANNING AND AHHHHHHHHHH, I can’t make those feelings go away and RELAX!!

Yes, the OCD that means Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, where I may or may not have been caught cleaning out the inside of my vacuum cleaner parts with soap and water, or where the bed MUST be made before leaving the house and if it’s not, then I cannot stop thinking about the unmade bed at home and that’ll be the first thing I do upon returning.  And actually because of those thoughts taking over my entire world, the bed is always made, so it’s  never been an issue but I’m prepared just incase it might become an issue.

Also, I have a label maker, and I’m not afraid to use it.  I threatened to label EVERYTHING in our house if JPW did not stop putting things back in arbitrary places.  I have a method to my “madness” as I tell him.  I mean why in the world would you mix plastic food storage containers with bake ware?  I organize the shelves in the refrigerator, I try to recreate a MTV Cribs style refrigerator and want everything in its place.  JPW says I have a problem, I laugh at him and tell him I have a system and if would just “get on board” then my world would be happy happy place.  He claims I’m trying to spread my OCD and turn him into a nut too.  For the record, I am not a nut.

Which leads me me back to the beginning of this post, when JPW was poking fun at me and I was laughing.  It all started with a frying pan.  I was washing dishes and JPW was attempting to move items around, put dishes away. I had finished washing all the dishes, wiped down all counter surfaces, table, and highchair (what, you don’t sanitize the highchair every time?). I put the soap and sponge away and saw the pan sitting on the stove top, dirty, VERY dirty.  I made some sort of huffing sound and JPW looks at me oddly.  I politely asked him why he didn’t put the pan in the sink for me to wash while he was attempting to help.

“Oh that pan, I thought you were leaving that there to use for french toast tomorrow morning.”

“Babe, I would never use that pan for french toast. And it’s dirty”

::Lots of laughing and head shaking from JPW::

“You have a problem, you don’t see anything wrong with setting out your supplies the night before and your argument here is that you wouldn’t use this pan, seriously who sets out their breakfast supplies the night before?”

“Babe there is nothing wrong with being prepared and organized, but I so wouldn’t use this pan.”


I washed the dirty pan, and we continued to laugh about my slight “issue”.  Then I planned breakfast for the next morning and grabbed the pan I’d be using.  Because in my world, there are certain pans for certain meals and well the bed ALWAYS has to be made.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.