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Does it count as McFatty Monday if you forget to weigh yourself?

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I totally forgot to weigh myself this morning and I realized it as I was pulling out of Joshua’s daycare. I was all “Oh…wait…it’s MonD’OH!”

Yeah, that’s how the morning went.

I was a bit groggy as I forced Dan to get out of bed a full 45 minutes LATE today.  He jumped in the shower and I went to make the coffee.  Ahhh, coffee.

So, last week was pretty horrendous for me in terms of food.  I did not watch what I ate AT ALL. Not even a little bit.  I lunched with friends and we went out to eat a couple of times. I drank wine (a lot…and now it’s all gone ::sadface::).  I didn’t input a single thing into Myplate on  Not even once. 

But, I feel good.  I feel like I’ve definitely yo-yo’ed a bit, but I feel good in my soul, you know?  Like taking a week off of everything except for being a mom was a good way for me to refocus my energies on eating well between now and Thanksgiving, when I will undoubtedly gorge myself on all sorts of Fall goodness and smoked turkey.

(And let’s not even get started on Christmas dinner, mmkay? Because that is all sorts of Heaven for me as far as food is concerned.)

On the plus side, I was able to buy a pair of size 14 skinny jeans this weekend.  And I washed them and dried them and they are still comfortable.

And I FEEL GOOD in them.

And y’all, feeling good is half the battle, if you ask me.

So, how was your week?

Even if you’re not following the McFatty Monday girls, you can still tell me how your week was! I’d love to hear from y’all–HINT HINT READERS WHO READ AND NEVER COMMENT.  ::ahem:: 🙂

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.