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Are you ready for this?!

Welcome to Win-It Wednesday!  (Don’t you love the alliteration!  I do.)

A few weeks ago, I was tweeting away on the ol’ Twitter and came across a link to an Etsy site with diaper clutches, bibs, wet bags, and more! 

Hugs&Kisses Designs

I tweeted the owner, Becca (@becca7903) that I thought her stuff was super cute. And she tweeted me back and then we exchanged emails and so, a giveaway was born!

Awesome, right?

Becca told me to take a peek at her store and choose an item that I’d like to review and then give away to one of my readers.

Here’s one thing I’ll tell you that I love right off the bat.

Her stuff is gender neutral, Boy Moms.

I know I’ve mentioned before how giveaways for little boys are hard to come by. And they really, truly are.  But the items in Becca’s shop are super neutral.


Are you dying to know what item I chose?  Yes?  Wait no more!

Stock photo courtesy of Becca of Hugs&Kisses Design

I picked a diaper clutch in this super cute animal print with corresponding polka dot lining.

Want to know why?

Because my child is 18 months old.  I know, right?  How did that happen?

Joshua’s getting older now, which means I can make trips out and about without having to carry forty diapers, three changes of clothes, two bottles, jars and/or containers of food, burp cloths, and the kitchen sink in my diaper bag.

Not having to carry all of those things means I don’t have to carry the diaper bag.

I can carry a real purse again like a real woman and feel real fabulous.  I mean, I’m not rocking my Coach bags any time soon (Oh, Madeline bag…how I miss you…) but I can carry something cute and machine washable.


And carry, I have.

What I like about the diaper clutch is that it keeps the diapers and wipes container neatly together in my purse.  At one point, I tried to carry just a diaper in my bag.  The diaper got demolished by the random items floating around in my one-compartment hobo.

With the diaper clutch, here’s what my bag looks like:

Notice I labeled the important stuff.  Also, GO DAWGS!

I love that I can reach into my bag and KNOW that I am grabbing the clutch when I need a wipe.  So far, we haven’t actually needed a diaper while I’ve been out. But with Snot Tusks, we’ve certainly needed the wipes.

Here’s a better look at the clutch itself.

Cute, right?? Right.
Sorry for the blur. It wouldn’t stand up. :/

Awesome, right?

One of the drawbacks to not carrying a full diaper bag is not having a changing pad on the ready. And I will let my child run barefoot through Target, but I’m not about to lay him down on a changing table sans anything underneath his bootycakes.

Enter the receiving blanket.  Quite possibly the world’s most useless item when one gives life to a toddler-baby.

(I mean, REALLY.  What am I supposed to do with a blanket that small and an infant that large?!?!)

It isn’t useless any longer!

My clutch contains a receiving blanket to use as a changing pad, two diapers, and a reusable container of wipes. I’ve also got a small bottle of hand sanitizer I’m going to put down in there for diaper changes in weird places. (I actually just thought about the hand sanitizer right now! Score!)

This clutch is sturdy, fashionable, practical, and full of awesome.  I’m in love with this little wonderpouch and I know you’ll love it, too.

So, Becca and I are giving you a chance to WIN ONE OF YOUR OWN.

There are FOUR ways to enter.

Mandatory Entry:

Head over to Becca’s Etsy shop, Hugs&Kisses Designs, and then come back and tell us what item you like best! 
Extra/Optional Entries:
Follow @becca7903 on Twitter so you can be in-the-know when she sends out Hugs&Kisses updates.  Then come back and tell us you’re a follower!

Like (or follow??) Not Super…Just Mom on Facebook if you don’t already.  And let me know that you do.

Tweet this giveaway: “@notsuperjustmom and @becca7903 of X&ODesigns want you to win a super-cute diaper clutch! Enter today!” or something like that 🙂

You can tweet this giveaway once a day, just make sure to come back each time and tell us you tweeted it out.

This giveaway will be open until Monday, September 27th, at approximately 8:00 EST.  I will draw ONE winner via and will announce the winner on Tuesday morning.  The winner will have 48 hours to claim his/her prize and then I will draw and announce another winner.

Happy give-away-ing, y’all!

(The legal stuff:  Becca at Hugs&Kisses Designs provided me with this diaper clutch.  She did not provide me with my opinions.  Those are solely my own and cannot be bought for less than about a million dollars or the remainder of my student loan debt, whichever you prefer.)

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.