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This is not how I wanted to spend my last day of summer


So our house has a yellow jacket infestation.  It’s really not cool.

The dog has been stung. The husband has been stung (three times) and the baby has been stung.

Joshua getting stung? SO. NOT. COOL. He fell as it happened, not very hard, just a trip, really. And then he started screaming.  So I’m standing there all “uhh…you didn’t even hit your head…” (what a great mom I am) and he’s SCREAMING. And then I saw it. A yellow jacket IN HIS HAIR. Stinging his wee little head in his curls.

I have not been stung. Yet. But I will KILL some yellow jackets when and if I am stung. KILL, I tell you.

This whole thing makes me, a diehard Bulldog fan, hate Tech even more.  And I’m so not even joking a little bit. 

Instead of spending my last day of freedom relaxing and hanging out with my sweet baby boy, I will be on the lookout for a brave worker jacket. Armed with a can of Hot Shot Wasp and Hornet killer and the dustbuster.

Yes.  We are all sorts of high-tech in this house.  We kill yellow jackets by sucking them into the dustbuster and then cycloning their asses to death. 

I’ll also be waiting for a call from the pest control company to tell me when they will have a tech out here to take care of this mess.

You guys, on the other hand, can find me at Katie’s Bookcase.  The Bookcase is the book blog of my good e-twin Katie of Sluiter Nation.  She asked for a few guest bloggers for her July is SUMMER READING month series and, I mean, how am I supposed to pass that up?

So, y’all, PUHLEASE go over there and give her book blog (and me) some love.  I’m fighting for my life here.  It’s the least y’all can do, right!?!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.