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It’s a new dawn…It’s a new day…

Today was much better.  MUCH better.  Complete with poop in the floor during naked time. But I might be getting ahead of myself.

I was feeling a little stressed trying to get out the door because Joshua wanted to be held and I needed to make the sippies and load the car and find his shoes.  But I did all of that and then I was pouring sweat by the time I sat down in the driver’s seat. 

I think the thermometer in the car was lying to me because it felt WAY hotter than 75 degrees this morning.  More like 175.  I had butt-sweat. It was gross.  I was all “OMG I STRAIGHTENED MY HAIR AND THE SWEAT AND HUMIDITY IN THIS CAR IS GOING TO FRIZZ IT ALL OUT.”  The bad news is that the weather will stay like this until September. But for whatever reason (insanity, maybe?), I will get up every morning and attempt to fix my hair. And then it will be unfixed by the time I haul my sweaty self into the building. Grrrr.

Everything was fine once we got on the road and sang along to some Dave Matthews Band and Journey.  Well, I sang. Joshua just sat in the back looking all “Mom, this is SO oldies.”  (You know, Joshua. I don’t really care. “Oldies” are GOODIES. [and y’all.  Our music is going to be “classic rock” soon. OMG] So we’ll continue to listen to GOOD music since the music on the radio today mostly stinks. Love you, Mama.)

I dropped him off and he scampered off to play and eat breakfast and then I went to work and did my thing and went back to pick him up this afternoon. 

And he SMILED when he saw me and ran over to me and was all “MAAAAMAAAAAAAA!!!” Only he didn’t actually SAY “Mama” because, well, he doesn’t say that yet.  True story.  He CAN say it when he’s prompted. But he still doesn’t call me that.

But y’all, he wanted ME.  There is not an adequate enough word to describe the somersaults my heart did when I saw his smile this afternoon.  He didn’t want to be put down even though Ms. C was blowing bubbles. 


And then I took him to Target for his first ever school-supply-shopping-spree.  I was thrilled. Him?  Not so much with the excitement about the school supplies.

**Sidenote:  Do you love school supplies as much as I do?  A new pack of pens and one zillion sheets of college ruled paper and fresh pencils?  I love school supplies.  (Dan just read this over my shoulder and said “You’re a dork.” To which I reply “Yes. Yes I am.”)**

Anyway, once we got home and got dinner on the table, Joshua decided to EAT SPAGHETTI with us.  He’s been doing surprisingly well with the table foods since I got the “You’re doing great” speech from Sarah the NP.  I think he got better at eating table foods once I stopped being all stressed and OMGEATCHILD about what he wasn’t eating.  Funny how that works…

And then we let him have some naked time.  He LOVES naked time.  LOVES IT.  He will run around the house laughing and patting his belly like a fat old man and it is adorable.  And his little baby booty kind of jiggles when he runs and it’s just cute. (That’s another funny thing.  Toddlerhood is the ONLY time it’s acceptable to have booty-jiggle and have it be considered “cute.”)

Tonight, I was coming down the hall and he was in the living room, having run ahead of me, and he is standing all still and looking at the floor and he’s peeing. In the floor. And then he got all excited and started running in place and he slipped and fell and laughed about it. And I went to get a towel. 

And when I came back from getting a towel, I noticed that he was about to climb onto the couch. And in the path that he must’ve taken to get from the spot where he peed to the couch he had walked out a poop log on the floor.  Or he squatted when I was getting a towel. 

All I know is he pooped in my floor (not on the rug, thank God) and was having a GREAT time being naked.  And there was no exhaustion on my part. No “Ughhh…pooop…” I laughed.  It was funny. He was laughing. And his laughter is infectious.


Today feels like a classic, run-of-the-mill, I can ROCK THIS kind of day. 

It’s one of those days where I find the balance in being a working mom. 

These are the kinds of days I pray for. 

There was chaos and coffee.

There was productivity and play.

There was laughter.

There was joy.

There was love.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.