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Home Sweet Home

The annual trip to Band Camp reminds me of the reasons why I’m glad I skipped dorm-life in college.

Those reasons are:

I do not love sharing two shower stalls between twenty people.  Or showering with my flip-flops on.  And not being able to leave my toiletries in the shower.

I do not love twin beds.  Or the dorm mattresses for twin beds.  Or the cinder block walls and concrete floors with indoor-outdoor carpeting.

And I definitely do not love the community toilets that prohibit the regular expulsion of bodily functions. My colon goes on strike (or lockdown?) whenever I am not at home and it is not cool.

Just to catch you all up on me:

I am a little sunburned with all sorts of odd lines thanks to racer-back sports bras.  It was/is the only sun I was/am getting all summer.  I’ll take it.

I am in need of several good meals to purge my system of the yuck that is dining hall food.  Last night was brisket and garlic bread with lima beans.  YUM.  Tonight?  Who knows. But it will be good. 

My child is off his schedule and refusing to eat anything.  I think he’s had 10 Cheerios all morning.  I think I’m about to have to pull out some french fries just to maybe get him to eat something with calories. 

The sign for “more” has become the sign for “want” and I have no idea at any given time what it is that Joshua wants.  It’s cute and frustrating. 

My house is a wreck. We haven’t even been home for 24 hours yet and the toys have already exploded all over the living room.  And there is a pile of dishes in the sink.  I think they all reproduce when I’m not looking.

There’s laundry to be done (and a lot of it!).  And when I got home yesterday, I noticed that there was an AWFUL smell in Joshua’s room.  Like, sour vom, awful.  But the Diaper Champ didn’t have any poops in it.  So I opened the door to the laundry room and almost got knocked over by the smell.  I’d left a load of towels in the washer when I left on Sunday. And didn’t tell Dan. And they’d been sitting there ALL. WEEK. LONG with extreme heat.


I’ve got to wash those another two times before I can even do the band camp laundry.  If towels weren’t such a commodity, I’d toss them out and start all over. ::shudder again::

I miss my mom. She always makes me feel like I’m a better mom just by being around.  Her presence is calming and she’s SO GOOD with Joshua (I mean, she should be.  She raised me and my brother and now she’s raising my niece.  She’s certainly gotten enough practice.)

I think that gets you about caught up.  Just about.  Oh.  I feel and look like a fatty.  (I saw pictures of myself taken while I was at camp and WHOA.  OMG.  Must go on a diet. STAT.)

Last night might’ve been the best night of sleep I’ve had in a LONG time, despite the fact that it included a 4 a.m. wake-up where I almost decided to just stay in the chair in Joshua’s nursery and let him sleep on my chest.  And then the comfort of my bed won out and back into the crib he went.

But seriously.  Last night’s sleep was awesome.  So awesome, in fact, that I can’t wait for Joshua’s nap so I can lay down in that cozy bed again.

It’s good to be home.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.