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#HelpSam fundraiser

If you haven’t already heard of the #HelpSam fundraiser going on at Baby Rabies yet, let me just take a minute to tell you about it. 

In April of this year, at only 4 months old, Baby Sam was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma and was given a 30% cure rate.  Sam’s mother, Cassie, dropped her work status to “as needed” in order to provide the care Sam needs.  This meant that she was no longer eligible for medical insurance through her employer.

While Sam was approved for Passport/Medicaid, Cassie and her husband opted to keep Cobra coverage for Sam in the event that he was ever dropped from Medicaid.  If he is ever dropped, and they had new health insurance, there is a chance that the new health insurance plan would NOT cover Sam due to a “pre-existing condition.”  And can you imagine what it’d be like if he were dropped and they didn’t have Cobra coverage?

Cobra coverage is costing them $1500/month.  And they are living on one paycheck.

Jill at Baby Rabies put together a fundraiser that has already raised over $7500 to help cover Cobra insurance for Sam.  Y’all.  That is the power of the internet.

Click here if you’d like to donate.

Sponsors and individuals have donated dozens of prizes to those who make a $5 donation to the #HelpSam fundraiser.  All of these prizes are seriously awesome. And you can see a full list of the available prizes by clicking the above link.

But it isn’t just about winning prizes.

Think about how you’d feel if you received the sort of outpouring of love and support that we’re showering on Sam and his parents right now.  That sort of care? From e-strangers?  We hear so much about the evils of the internet, but what about the power it has for good?  For the cost of an Extra Value Meal, you can help lighten the burden on a family facing what NO family should ever have to face–a child with cancer facing treatments he should never have to face, and being braver than many adults in the process.

Help Sam and his family today! 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.