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Okay, HALP.

This is a quick interjection into the PPD/PPA Rally we’ve still got going on here because, Mamas, I need help.

We’re going out of town this weekend because one of my cousins is getting married.  Instead of staying with my family (two hours away from the site of the 5:00 p.m. wedding) we decided to get a hotel room 2 miles away from the wedding site and make a weekend of it.


The last time we traveled with Joshua, he was two months old, on the boob only, still slept swaddled, and was NOT MOBILE.


We’re staying in a ONE BEDROOM HOTEL ROOM (with a mini-fridge and a microwave and a King sized bed) for three days.  We will be able to take the pack-n-play, but we don’t think he’ll actually sleep in it.

I need tips/advice/suggestions/WINE for making it through this weekend without wanting to run into the ocean and become a mermaid.

Please and thank you.

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Lee Anne Holman

Tuesday 25th of May 2010

Since my entire HUGE family lives 6hrs away we have traveled lots with our little man. Here's my advice 1) for the car have a stash of food (puffs whatever), at least 2 bottles or zippy cups stocked and a stash of pacies if you do them. Make sure it's easy to reach, trust me it's much easier to grab new then search out the launched item. 2) buy diapers on the rd it's so much easier than lugging around a big box same for food. 3) bring more clothes then you typically need, babies seem to react with change of environment by making a mess of themselves4) and relax it will be fine promise=)


Tuesday 25th of May 2010

we've done a few trips with one infant (not the twins yet. OR EVER!) and the one thing we knew was that we were going to have him in bed with us and we knew we didnt want him crawling around a disgusting hotel room floor eating random dried semen crusted croutons.three things we brought1. easily fold-able pack n play2. a bunch of sheets to lay on the ground when he did need to move around3. vodka

#3 is self explanitory

Booyah's Momma

Tuesday 25th of May 2010

Oh my! I just returned from a solo, cross-country trip with my son... I wish you luck!

My meager advice:

1. Does the hotel you're staying at offer a crib? Chip has never slept well in a pack-n-play, but each time we've traveled, the hotel has provided a crib with wheels, which is more familiar to him. Plus, one less thing you have to lug around.2. This may sound like bad parenting, but on one trip, we rolled his little crib into the bathroom and he slept there. It gave us enough distance so that neither he or us woke up from every little snort/cough/snore.3. Make sure that mini-fridge is fully stocked with beer!


Monday 24th of May 2010

The first baby is like going into a college class and taking the final exam on the first day- and then spending the rest of the semester learning everything that was on the exam! What you have experienced on top of that alone - shows your great strength and, yes, dexterity with life. Something all children need in their mothers! I think it's wonderful, sharing your story about your struggles in order to help other woman.


Monday 24th of May 2010

Please go check out! She has been traveling with her son since he was an infant and has loads of ideas on how to keep your sanity while traveling. In fact she just had a hotel week a few weeks ago! Lots of tips and tricks to keep you and Joshua happy and safe. Good luck!

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