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My life on the D-List

I mean, I’m totally as funny as Kathy Griffin, right?

Oh, you’re new here?  Well, buckle up because this is going to be a busy week here on the blog.  This week is a Blog Party for the bloggers of D-Listed.  If you’re not a member already, you should be.  Really.  You’ll get to meet lots of fabulous bloggers, gain exposure for your own blog, and sometimes you can win free stuff.  And who doesn’t love meeting new people and winning free stuff, right?  But more than that, it’s building a sense of community. 


In addition to the Blog Hop, I’m kicking off a Guest-post-a-palooza to raise awareness for Post-Partum Depression and Anxiety (and no, I couldn’t come up with anything less ridiculous to call this week).  I’m also hoping to guest post in a few places, so I’ll be sure to link you there. 

But first, I suppose I should introduce myself and explain this blog, right?

Here goes:

This is me and two of the loves of my life.  The other loves are wine, television, chocolate, and a good book, but not necessarily in that order.  (This picture is about 6 months old.  New pics are coming next month.  My child has hair now.  And it’s CUTE. And curly.)

I’m a wife, a mom, a daughter, a friend, and by day I’m a high school English teacher.  I’m a laundry-goddess.  A reflux-warrior.  A master multi-tasker.  And I make a mean chicken parm.  And sometimes I do all of those things in one day.  (Except the reflux.  We’ve mostly slayed that dragon.)

Contrary to how fabulous I may seem, I am not a Super Mom.  I am surviving post-partum depression, and I’m happy to report that I’m finally on the side of this battle where my good days are outweighing my bad.  Because I’m a survivor–because I AM surviving–this cause is near and dear to my heart, which is the reason my Guest-post-a-palooza (REALLY?  THAT’S THE BEST I COULD DO!?!?) is coinciding with the Blog Hop.

My struggle to not be defined by my illness (and yes, depression is more than just a “chemical imbalance”) led to the creation of this blog.  When we were trying to conceive our little guy, I started my first blog.  And after I had him, I felt like the blog didn’t fit my life anymore.  It was too confining.  The title was happy-happy, joy-joy (no, that wasn’t actually the title.  The title was “Hoping and Wishing”) and I felt like it pigeon-holed me into talking about the positives.  It wasn’t an outlet for the negative.  And when I did need to write something negative, I felt like I had to be incredibly apologetic about it.  Like I’d upset people if I was too honest about my feelings.

Thus, Not Super…Just Mom was born.

Because really, I’m not super.  I’m average, at best.  And I do NOT look good in tights (and how do you keep them from falling down in the crotch, anyway?).  Being a mom is the ultimate on-the-job training.  Only, instead of learning how to do one job and do it well, the job changes And sometimes, that change really sucks.  And it’s hard to be super at something you don’t know how to do.

So, this blog is me being honest.  Being real with y’all.  Being me. 

(And yes, I say y’all. A lot. I’m below the Mason-Dixon. I wear my pearls. I drink my sweet tea.  I’m allowed to say y’all.)

I guess in the sake of y’all getting to know me more, I should link you to my favorite posts.  It’s hard for me to pick my favorites because this blog is my blood, sweat, and tears.  I’m going to pick three and list them here, but you should really check out the link at the top titled “Best of the Blog” for more of my favorites.



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Tuesday 18th of May 2010

Adorable boy! Following you on Twitter now too :-)


Monday 17th of May 2010

PPD mom here! Your family is beautiful! I look forward to getting to know more about you!

Krista @ Not Mommy of the Year

Monday 17th of May 2010

First of all... were we only suppossed to pick 3 of our favorite posts? I suck at directions. Secondly, you are already one of my favorite people on Twitter. Third, I will be back to read more, but now I'm continuing my way through the D-list blog Hop.


Monday 17th of May 2010

Visiting from the D-List blog party! I love how you seem "real" in your posting...and you have a beautiful family! New follower here! :)

Tanya @ Little Life Improvements

Monday 17th of May 2010

I look forward to following you guest posts this coming week! Both of our children (just 13 months apart) had some pretty bad stomach and reflux issues during their first few months of life. Their struggles made for some pretty dark days for me as their mommy. I appreciate other moms who are willing to be open and honest about their experiences - I felt awful for the lack of joy that I felt at being a new mom!

I'm visiting from the D-List Blog Hop!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.