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Fab Friday, Part 5, or…

The one where I admit defeat and realize that Fab Friday is a Fail.

I do nothing to make my Fridays any different than any other day of the week.  It’s pretty much just wake up, get dressed, take Joshua to daycare, go to work, teach some stuff, pick Joshua up from daycare, do the nighttime routine, make some food, drink some wine, and go to sleep.  And somewhere in there I may read or watch TV.  Or spend ridiculous amounts of time on twitter (follow me?  notsuperjustmom.  Original.  I know.)

Basically, I think I’m in a rut.  I know that this rut will only last for the next 16 days or so.  Then it’ll be summer and I’ll get to be a SAHM for a few weeks.  However, I can literally feel the anxiety creeping up on me when I think about being home this summer with Joshua.

That is terrible.  Absolutely terrible.

That I’m sort of dreading spending the summer at home with my son.

Not only do I get bored just sitting at home, but Joshua does as well.

I’ve tried to find “Mommy and Me” classes we can go to together so that our days aren’t filled with us just sitting at home.  I know that one of the ways I’ll salvage my sanity is to find things for us to get out and do.  

I have hopes that I’ll be able to find cheap or free things for us to do, because money is not aplenty with Operation No More Debt in full swing.  While it’s liberating to know that we have a plan in place and we’re working on becoming more financially stable, it’s also sad sometimes because I miss being able to do frivolous things. (However, I know that what we’re doing now is for the good of our family in the long run, so that when Joshua and Phantom Human(s) 2.0 and [maybe] 3.0 are older, we’ll be able to do frivolous things, so I’ll deal.)

But that doesn’t make the fact that things are about to change any less daunting right now, you know?  And then they’ll change again in roughly six weeks when it’s time to go back to school. 

So, moms, what are your ideas for things that I can do this summer to keep myself and my son from going insane?

(For the record, I’m not happy with this blog post.  I’ve been working on it for two days and it just doesn’t convey what I want it to.  I don’t know why I felt the need to put this disclaimer down here, but, well, there it is.)

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Sunday 9th of May 2010

Here are some things we do:

Playdates!Go to the park.Go to baby storytime.Clean the house. (He "helps.")Run errands.

He's a bit too young for crafts, but I may start introducing some fun things for him soon. I am by no means an awesome SAHM, but after 11 months of doing this, I've figured out a few things.


Friday 7th of May 2010

Come play with Graham and me. We have a playset and a pool in the neighborhood. All free!

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