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It’s okay. You can call off the search party.

I am still alive.  I promise.  For real.  And I turned 28 yesterday to boot.

I’ve been taking a bit of an internet hiatus to work on my family.  And life has been pretty routine and boring anyway, so there’s not much to report.  And I’ve been feeling sort of “meh” and it’s hard to write about the mundane when you’re feeling “meh.”

So, yeah.

I fell comPLETEly off the McFatty Wagon.  Hard.  I think I have bruises from how hard I fell.  My life has been full of party pizzas and full-fat ice cream.  And going to bed early with a full stomach.  So now I’m finding that my stomach has kind of gotten enormous (to me, at least) and I’m feeling all sorts of fat.  I did, however, manage to lower my cholesterol by 50 points in under three months.  And I have NO idea how I pulled that one off. 

Joshua is a walking machine.  He’s into EVERYthing.  And I think he’s trying to be an over-achiever and enter his “Terrible Twos” before he even hits one.  Temper tantrums abound in our house right now.  Does anyone know how, exactly, I can keep him from screaming out randomly like he’s ready to chuck the remote at the TV when 1) he shouldn’t have the remote in the first place and 2) the TV may or may not even be ON??  I am, however, happy to report that no more cell phones have been sacrificed to the toilet gods.

Preparations are in full swing for his birthday party.  We’re actually having two parties.  The grandmothers work on the weekends, so in order to make sure they can celebrate, we’re having a family dinner on his birthday.  Then the following weekend is his birthday party with friends (and more family).  I can’t believe he’s a year old.  He’ll be in college before I know it. 

So, that’s the past three weeks in a nutshell.  I promise to try and do better. 

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Monday 15th of March 2010

Em started her "terrible twos" early as well. My pedi said that when they are ahead developmentally, they are more than likely ahead emotionally too. Which means temper tantrums and lots of them.

The bad news, they get worse and more frequent....the good news....there is always wine! And cookies, and other things to help ease the pain. :)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.