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Let me tell you a little story about why I dislike pumping

I’ve been in the routine of packing up my pump parts in the evenings so I won’t forget them the next morning if I get in a hurry.  I wash the bottles/parts, let them dry, put them in the bag, and put the pump in the floor next to Joshua’s diaper bag.  Before I wake Joshua up in the morning, I make my lunch and put it, my coffee, the pump, and his diaper bag in the car so I don’t have to carry all of those things AND a baby.

This morning, I arrived at work, made my oatmeal, and went to the book room to pump.  I milked myself like a good dairy cow and then the 2-minute warning bell rang to alert me that the day was about to begin.

I was finished pumping by this point and just needed to put the bottles in the cooler and roll up the tubing and go to class.

So, I take off the horns and put them on the shelf and roll up the tubing and then I look into the bag and lo and behold what do I NOT find there?



I put the bottles in the cooler and gently, like I was carrying radioactive material a la Jack Bauer, placed the cooler in the pump.  Then I cautiously, again, like the Medela would explode at any moment, tiptoed from the bookroom to the office and placed my bag in the little nook next to my filing cabinet, daring some almost-tardy student to bump into me so I could go postal on him or her.

I currently have two bottles of milk (about 8 ounces worth) sitting UNOPENED in the cooler that came with the Medela pump.  And now I have to race home on my lunch break next period because I feel absolutely certain that Publix and Walgreens and CVS won’t have milk storage products available on their shelves.  I could be wrong, but something tells me I’m not.  That would certainly be closer and faster than going all the way back to my house, eating lunch while driving, coming all the way back to work, and NOT being able to pump like usual.

I seriously just thought to myself THISFREAKINGMORNING how proud I was that I haven’t forgotten any pump parts yet.  Seriously.  This morning.  While deciding what to wear.  And THIS!?!

Fabulous Thursday I’m having.


Thanks to my wonderful friend Callie, I was able to run to Walgreen’s and buy some breastmilk storage bags AND pump during my lunch break.  Woohoo!  This day might just be turning around.

How’s yours going?  (seriously…you can leave a comment and let me know how your Thursday is going.  I want to know…)

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Thursday 1st of October 2009

That is my biggest fear. I keep a few bags in a pocket on the pump just in case I do that.

I've completely forgotten bottles to pump into (before I got s-m-r-t enough to put bags in) and had to drive by A's daycare to pick up one he'd used and she'd washed.



Thursday 1st of October 2009

You don't REALLY want to know, but if I vent to the hubs, I'll just cry so I'm going to tell you anyhow. I'm 37.5 weeks pregnant. My in-laws are coming this weekend to "help" around the house. My SIL (who tries her hardest to make me miserable)is coming as well. Hubs told me tonight that the dining room needs to be picked up so that we can paint in there - ON SATURDAY. It still has boxes from when we moved in. I have to clean that and everything else in the house and try to forsee what my MIL and SIL might attack. My home must be immaculately clean lest they think I'm not taking care of their son/brother. Did I mention that I'm 37.5 weeks pregnant and could go to labor ANY SECOND? Arghh....Told you that you didn't want to know!Lauren

The Redhead Riter

Thursday 1st of October 2009

How awful!

I was never able to pump. It was a psychological thing I'm sure, but unless she was latched on, nothing came out.


Thursday 1st of October 2009

this is why you hate pumping and this is why i hate breastfeeding

GOD BLESS YOU! i tried and was a dismal failure. i give it up to all the BF moms out there b/c it takes something i don't have to do it!


Thursday 1st of October 2009

Hi! That was me yesterday. I forgot lids too, how crazy. Never happened ever before. Also, today I started a Rx for increasing my supply because I was seriously pumping 1.5 oz per the 3 sessions at work. Coming home with not even a whole bottle is frustrating. I am really hoping this kicks my supply into gear.

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