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Definitely better than the longest night of my life

We followed our amended go-to-bed routine again last night and I have to say that the family time at the end of the day is really nice. I know there will be times when both of us aren’t here with Joshua at bed time (like tonight, for example, when I’ve got to go to a football game, and tomorrow night when Dan is going to a football game) but I like the time after his bath when we sit down in his bedroom floor, Dan, me, Joshua, and Annie, and read/eat books. (Dan and I read books. Joshua eats them. Annie plots her revenge when Joshua won’t share the book. He’s a selfish little booger when it comes to books, which must be quite tasty.) It’s nice.

Dan gave Joshua his bottle while I cooked dinner and then Dan and I watched Glee, which might be one of the best shows on television right now (and I watch a lot of TV, so I should know), and then we retreated to our respective computers to check in with the interwebz. Business as usual, really.

When we went to bed, I had knots in my stomach. I started panicking when I realized that I had no idea what to do if he woke up at 3:00am instead of 12:00 or 1:00. If he woke up at 12:00 or 1:00, I knew I had to let him cry because that’s what we’d done the previous night. But if he woke up at 3:00, then it would’ve been 8 hours since the last time he ate, and what should I do? Do I let him cry? Do I feed him? Do I do feed him and then let him cry? If I feed him, will I undo whatever we did last night by letting him cry?

It was kind of difficult for me to fall asleep last night with so much uncertainty swirling around in my head. But I managed.

I heard a peep on the monitor and by the time I’d found my glasses on the nightstand (why, oh WHY is it so hard to find my glasses in the dark when I put them in the night after night? WHY? I smack my hand around on that table feeling for them and knock half the stuff on that table into the floor every night only to realize that I’d had my hand on my glasses the first time I put my hand on that table and now there are smudges on the lenses and the crap is in the floor….so sorry for that tangent) the sound had stopped.

It was 3am.

Panic ensued very briefly.

What would I do if the noises started up again? What should I do!?!?

Luckily, that was a non-starter.

He was sound asleep. Until 5:15 am.


Dan gave him a bottle and put him in the crib and came into the bedroom and said “I don’t think he wants to sleep.” To which I replied “Let him work on it for a minute or two.” And so we did. Only, about 10 minutes later he was NOT happy. At.All.

So I got up and went to him and thanked God for the night of sleep I’d just been given and when I picked Joshua up, I realized that he’d pooped.

No wonder he was cranky. I’d be cranky too.

So I changed him and then rocked him and cuddled him and calmed him down and he is blissfully snoozing right now.

I realize that last night was probably a fluke, but man, was it nice. A full night’s sleep AND I’m going to the spa today for a facial and massage!!? I must’ve done something right!

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Everyday Mom Ideas

Saturday 26th of September 2009

I'd have to agree with you on the whole Glee show thing. I always think that my two boys are the most beautiful when they are sleeping and not breaking things.

Dorkys Ramos

Friday 25th of September 2009

Spa?! You lucky, lucky lady. I'm sure it's well-deserved though. I'm here laughing (but in a nice way) at your panic attacks over the baby. I'm sure I'll be the same someday though. You just want to make sure you're doing the best you can :)

Here's hoping you keep getting more sleep at night!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.