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Dating your spouse is important

but even more important is choosing movies that don’t leave one half of the partnership going “Huh?”

Dan and I have really needed some couple time lately, so my mom generously offered to come to our house after church yesterday and watch Joshua while we got out of the house sans baby. Dan had been wanting to see District 9, and since we had an AMC gift card, we went to the movies.

To say that movie was weird is an understatement.

Even now, almost 24 hours later, I still can’t decide how I feel about the movie. I just feel sort of “uhhhhh….ummmm….oookaay?” about it.

The premise of the movie is this:

An alien spaceship breaks down over Johannesburg, South Africa in 1982 and a military outfit enters the ship and finds aliens aboard who are sick. So they take the aliens to earth and set them up in a “camp,” hoping they (either the military outfit or the aliens) will be able to restart the ship and go home. The world is okay with this. For a time. Then they get not-okay with it and decide to relocate the aliens to a new camp.

So, a group of operatives go into the District to issue eviction notices to the aliens and while there, a guy gets sprayed in the face with alien “fluid” and starts turning into an alien himself. Here’s where the movie starts getting sort of weird for me.

Basically, I think there was WAY too much going on in the film. WAY too much. Dan thinks the movie was great. Maybe it’s the English nerd in me, but there was plot and then subplot and then sub-subplot, and even a little sub-sub-subplot. WAY too much going on. Complete with crazy Nigerian voodoo practicers, some crazy splat-inducing weaponry, an egomaniacal private military guy who’s willing to sacrifice a human to get some new technology, a little more “SPLAT” of some humans, and a crazy Corporal who loves killing aliens. A friendship between half-alien man and one of the aliens, and that same alien really loving his son. (That part, I’ll admit, was touching…but it could be the new mommy hormones speaking…) And then there was the Ironman-esque alien suit that half-alien man wears. And did I mention there was a bunch of “splat”!?

I just don’t know if I liked it. Really.

And it gave me weird dreams.

Our friend K and I like to watch cheesy teen dramas on TV. I claim “research” as my reasoning for watching such drivel. He sent me a message last night that I needed to check out the new show The Vampire Diaries, so naturally, I will. But last night, I had a dream about some weird alien-looking vampires and trying to kill one of them with a spaghetti server. (For the record, spaghetti servers are not sturdy enough to kill vampires, not even in your dreams.)


All in all, though, Dan and I had a great day. We saw a movie. We ate a meal without having to balance a baby between the two of us. We even went to the grocery store. It was nice.

I think we’re going to try and get out like that once a month. It’s good to recharge the batteries from time to time, you know? Only next time, I get to pick the movie.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.