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Calling all SITStahs (or anyone else who is in-the-know)

I want to enable receiving follow-up comments via email, I think.  (I’m not entirely sure what this will do, but it seems that it’d be easier to respond to comments left on my blog since blogger doesn’t currently have threaded comments a la WordPress.  Blogger should really get on that.)  However, the email I use to log in to blogger has my first and last name and is the one that currently appears (“Email follow-up comments to”) when I leave a comment.  I’ve created an email account for the blog and I’d like to use that one to receive email comments but I can’t figure out how to do what I’m trying to do. 

Also, if I enable this feature, is it going to give my email address to everyone, thus the reason I (smartly) created the blog account?

Someone please ‘splain this to me like you’d explain tying a shoe to a four-year-old (but without the “bunny ears”).

Hook a sitstah up, please!?!  Anyone??

As for the rest of you…normal blogging will resume as soon as I’ve figured out this little issue!

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Helen McGinn

Wednesday 30th of September 2009

Hullo lass, nice to meet you. If you go to customize, then settings, you will see a page called comments. In this box, it has 'Comment Notification Email' which means you can add a new address (the new one you created) and any and every comment will be sent to that address. Then, you can simply reply from there. Hope that makes sense and if it doesn't, come on over and I'll give you some more advice.xx

Stephanie Faris

Wednesday 30th of September 2009

Don't you just have to change your e-mail address with blogger and it will redirect the e-mails? I've never wanted all those e-mails so I've never tried!


Tuesday 29th of September 2009

You're so sweet. I think you should just stop by for a playdate. If you come over with a cooked meal, Clay might get some funny ideas. I try to keep his expectations of me very low, so I don't cook! :) Let's get together, though!Alison


Tuesday 29th of September 2009

i am also email 'tarded - what i did was create a new email and then put that in my profile so that my personal email would not be used or known

Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama

Monday 28th of September 2009

I would so love to help a SISta out but I am tech stupid!! Love your blog though =)

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