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My answers

I’ll go ahead and answer the three questions I got. Seems like either A) I already tell y’all too much so there’s nothing you want to know, B) No one reads this thing anyway, C) No one wants to play with me, D) All of the above.

1. Do we want more kids?

Right now, HELL NO! Someone said to me SIX DAYS after I had Joshua that I needed to start thinking about another one. That we needed to have them close together so they could have a “best friend.” To that person, I wanted to say “Are you smoking CRACK??” But I didn’t.

But yes, we will probably have at least one more child. For now, we’re content with Joshua.

2. Sleep, Shower, or Eat?

This is easy. Shower. Why? I’ve gotten pretty adept at eating while holding Joshua. Plus, now that he loves the Bumbo, he chills on the kitchen table (I’m a horrible mother for putting him up there, I know) while I make a sandwich. Then I sit at the kitchen table and eat my sandwich and explain to him the intricacies of the PB&J and I tell him how one day, he’ll love PB&J sandwiches as much as Mommy does.

I have a hard time turning my brain “off” when I lay down at night, so 30 minutes wouldn’t be enough time for me to fall asleep. It’d be just long enough for me to get relaxed enough to be almost to the point where I could fall asleep which would result in complete and utter annoyance at being jolted awake by the sounds of my crying son after only 30 minutes.

A shower with 30 minutes? Wow. I might actually get my legs shaved. If I pushed it, I could shower, wash my hair, DRY and STYLE my hair AND put on make-up in 30 minutes. Being a master in Snoozebutton-ology taught me how to do all that in the least amount of time possible.

3. What am I doing this fall?

::sigh:: I’ll be going back to work. Long hours in the trenches getting Juniors ready for their graduation tests and getting Freshmen to act like humans instead of wild animals. I’d love to stay at home with Joshua because NO ONE will love him and take care of him the way that I do. But, being able to stay at home isn’t in the cards for us right now. We need my salary. Maybe one day, though.

As for where he’ll stay, we found a great day care near the high school. Since I know you’re local, Erin, if you want more information about this place, I’d be happy to give it to you. However, just in case someone besides the three of you DOES read this blog, and just in case there’s some crazy internet stalker out there hot on my trails, I’d prefer to not put that information here. The woman in the infant room has rocked a lot of babies in her day, and the owner/director is a REALLY nice woman. I know Joshua will get ALMOST as much love there as I could give him at home.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.