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Guess what we saw today!



He decided that he didn’t like the idea of being grounded for the rest of his foreseeable future, so he’s pointed south in preparation for making his big exit in a few weeks. That was some of the good news from the appointment today.

He looks perfect, according to the doctor. His legs are measuring at 36 weeks. His belly is measuring at 37 weeks, 3 days. His head is measuring at 38 weeks. The ultrasound tech measured his head three times. It was 38 weeks every time. He also weighs 7 pounds already and has four more weeks to bake. Ouch.

However, the doctor assured me that there is no reason to be alarmed by his size estimates, because they are just that. Estimates. Since we’re so late into the pregnancy, there’s no REALLY accurate way to measure the baby aside from giving birth to him and measuring him then.

I got a 3D picture of him and OH MY GOD I’m in love. He has adorable squishy cheeks! I’m so excited to meet him.

Bonus for today–I didn’t have to be violated with another internal exam. Woot!

The “meh” news for today–I have too much fluid. It’s not so high that the doctor is concerned, but they’re doing another ultrasound on Monday to check my levels again. They want the number to be 20 or less (and I have no idea what that number measures, exactly) and mine was 23. She said they wouldn’t be concerned unless it was 25 or above. I’m off to google polyhydroamnios as soon as I leave here.

Also, my blood pressure was higher than it’s been the entire pregnancy and I haven’t quite felt like myself all day. It was only 130/80, but last Thursday it was 110/70. The raised BP could be because I got a little lightheaded during the ultrasound from laying on my back for so long. That wasn’t fun at all. It felt SOOO hot in that room!

The doctor said this is a sign that I should take it easy and get some rest, so I’m glad I have the week off.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.