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It’s all ok…again…

The good news:

After sitting through an effing THREE HOURS WORTH of meetings this morning, I was finally able to call my doctor. They squeezed me in at 3:45 with one of the physician’s assistants. We’re fine. Baby W’s heart is beating at 122 beats per minute and is the right size for where I am in the pregnancy. Actually, I’ve lost two days according to the ultrasound tech. Instead of 6 weeks 6 days, she’s counting me at 6 weeks 4 days.

DH was able to leave work to be there with me so he got to hear and see the heartbeat, too. He started giggling. I thought I’d cry, but I think I was in a bit of shock. She said “You’ve got a great heartbeat here” and I thought, “huh, I don’t see it,” but then, she zeroed in on the middle of the blob and POOF! there it was. I didn’t think we’d be able to hear the heartbeat yet because that thing is so freaking small, but we did. That was a wonderful sound.

The (sort-of) bad news:

I have something called a cervical ectropion that’s causing the spotting. Basically, the cells that normally line the inside of the cervix have formed a little lip on the outside of my cervix. So, I have this little flap that gets irritated (from what, I don’t know since DH and I haven’t had sex!) and spots. She said she saw no fresh blood, which is good, and that she suspects that the ectropion is from the progesterone I’m taking. So, unless it’s red, or a full, AF-like flow, I’m barred from freaking out again. I will just take it as an annoyance of pregnancy until I’m told otherwise.

So, that’s my medical news in a nutshell. I’ll post a belly pic tomorrow.

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Sunday 3rd of August 2008

Glad to hear everything is ok!


Monday 28th of July 2008

YAY! i'm glad everything is okay!!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.