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I hate Comic Sans!

The font makes me crazy! It looks all “cutesy” to so many people but it makes me want to vomit. That’s my random observation after two days of sitting in cold, hard chairs in class for over nine hours.

I got to class yesterday morning and discovered that the class actually started at the beginning of May. Um, yes, I’m pretty sure yesterday was June 10th. The professor started emailing assignments out over a month ago! So, of course, as is my way, I cried. Buckets. I’m so ready for this Master’s program to be over and to find out that I was already a month behind just did me in.

The class is called “Teachers and the Law,” and there is a guy in the class (which meets ON SCHOOL PROPERTY, mind you) who dips. Yes, you heard me. He dips. In class. Zero-tolerance policies be damned! It’s disgusting. He sits in the corner dipping and spitting into a Starbucks cup. This isn’t the first class he’s done this in and I’m surprised no one has said anything to him about it yet. Does anyone besides me see the irony of him dipping on school grounds in a class about the law? Anyone??

Another thing that I decided I cannot stand yesterday are power point presentations with too much text. Actually, I decided this long, long ago, but my hatred was renewed yesterday when I watched presentation after presentation with too much text. What makes this worse is that the presenters read the slides to us. Yep, you heard that correctly. We, a classroom full of teachers working on an advanced degree, were read to by other teachers. I guess I don’t understand being uncomfortable presenting something to a group of people. I mean, what exactly is it that we do all day anyway?

I had a doctor’s appointment this morning to go over the lab results from two weeks ago. Basically, my doctor felt comfortable with all of the results except my insulin level and my lipid panel. So, he repeated those this morning. Yep, another vial of blood gone. My doctor’s professional opinion is that my cycles are “clear as mud.” I tend to agree with him. So, he wrote me prescriptions for Clomid, Estradiol, and a higher dose of Prometrium. I’m glad to be getting this show on the road.

I went to the pharmacy to fill my new cocktail o’ pills and the pharmacist (a male) decided to give me another run down of how these pills work. He also tried to reassure me that this is the easiest course of medication to take for TTC. DH was standing there with me, so the pharmacist decided to tell him to buy a helmet and look out for mood swings. Fun times. Here’s hoping this all goes as planned.

I have so much homework to do…this blog has been great procrastination.

I can’t find any quotes I like today that fit the entry…maybe I’ll post some random quotes later.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.