Sunday Funday

The flu infected us last week. So, almost two weeks ago now? Sunday night Joshua just seemed…puny. Lethargic, fevered, glassy eyed. And he didn’t fight to go to bed. Something was clearly wrong with him.

We spent the whole week cooped up in the house getting him well and trying to keep everyone else from getting sick, so when he was finally feeling better last weekend, we busted out.

I think I could’ve taken him just about anywhere that wasn’t our living room and it would’ve been as exciting as Disney. But he asked for the playground so that’s where we went.

While he ran around with Dan burning off the energy he’d built up while recuperating, Emma let me practice with the camera.

(She’s so kind. Really. And slower than him which makes taking some photos easier.)


<3. <3. <3. Kissed and hugs.


Blue gummy candies stain skin. Baby wipes only do so much.


She seems…not amused with the camera in her face.


Oh wait! Totally amused!


This boy’s eyes.


She’s a fan of her Daddy and the swings.

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      Miranda says

      Okay, yes. In that pic I do see myself. 99.999999999999% of the time I do not. Like I just birthed some kid that I actually adopted.

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      Miranda says

      I’m so done with winter and snotty noses and being trapped inside the house. So done. And it’s not even like it snows or ices or gets gross here. It’s just too cold.

      And thanks :)

  1. 13


    great pictures!!! helps that your subject matter is so darn cute!
    we’ve been super sick with the flu too and when the kids finally got outside again, it was hilarious how much energy they had! they were practically running around in circles!

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