Emma, 9 months

Emma is 9 months old today! She’s been outside almost as long as she was inside and that’s kind of insane for me to think about.

At 9 months old, Emma:

  • is cutting her third tooth, on the top. I’m sure the 4th isn’t far behind. My boobs are scared for when this thing is all the way in.
  • is starting to stand unassisted for extended periods of time. She’ll be holding on to something and let go and stand there all “Look, Ma! NO HANDS!” and then realize that she’s standing and fall onto her fluff-bottomed booty.
  • is sleeping…well, however she’s sleeping.
  • is ticklish. If you tickle her or kiss on her cheeks, she fills your ears with giggles.
  • is very serious about the business of being a baby.
  • cannot be trusted to stay out of the things I want her to stay out of. In fact, she can be counted on to get into the things I want her to stay out of. Like the toilet water. (Ugh.)
  • has weathered her first ear infection. I’ll be okay if it’s also her last.

And now, for the pictures. Which I know are what you’re all waiting for anyway. I got a new lens for Christmas and I’m still figuring it out. Plus I live in a cave so my lighting is weird. But my baby is cute.






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